Basic Software Baselining Test

Basic Software Baselining Test (BSBT)

(Y/N question to baseline an interviewee’s understanding of software world)

  1. Do you use a Software Development Methodology ?
  2. Do you know Agile/Lean?
  3. When you are solving a problem, do you start with a Requirement/Specification?
  4. Do you analyze the problem before coding?
  5. Do you use/know UML (Unified Modeling Language)?
  6. Do you design before code?
  7. Do/have you use source control?
  8. Have you build an application using build tools ant/maven/makefile?
  9. Do/have you use a bug tracking system?
  10. Do you fix bugs before writing new code?
  11. Do you write unit tests to test your code?
  12. Do you know Design Patterns?
  13. Give me couple of examples of Design Pattern?
  14. Do you write documentation in your code?
  15. Do you do ad hoc usability testing?

Score of 7 is 90 percentile for Fresh Graduate
Score of 12 is 85 percentile for 4 years or more experience