Databricks Performance Release 20211105

Following is summary from Databricks blog

Databricks SQL, built on top of the Lakehouse architecture, is the fastest data warehouse in the market and provides the best price/performance. Now you can get great performance on all your data at low latency as soon as new data is ingested without having to export to a different system.

This is a testament to the Lakehouse vision, to bring world-class data warehousing performance to data lakes. Of course, we didn’t build just a data warehouse. The Lakehouse architecture provides the ability to cover all data workloads, from warehousing to data science and machine learning.

But we are not done yet. We have assembled the best team on the market, and they are working hard to deliver the next performance breakthrough. In addition to performance, we are also working on a myriad of improvements on ease-of-use and governance. Expect more news from us in the coming year.