Big Data

Interesting Titbit’s:

    • Storm and Kafka

      Storm and Kafka are the future of stream processing, and they are already in use at a number of high-profile companies including Groupon, Alibaba, and The Weather Channel.

    • Drill and Dremel

      Drill and Dremel make large-scale, ad-hoc querying of data possible, with radically lower latencies that are especially apt for data exploration. They make it possible to scan over petabytes of data in seconds, to answer ad hoc queries and presumably, power compelling visualizations.

    • R

      R is an open source statistical programming language. It is incredibly powerful. Over two million (and counting) analysts use R. It’s been around since 1997 if you can believe it. It is a modern version of the S language for statistical computing that originally came out of the Bell Labs. Today, R is quickly becoming the new standard for statistics.

    • Gremlin and Giraph

      Gremlin and Giraph help empower graph analysis, and are often used coupled with graph databases like Neo4j or InfiniteGraph, or in the case of Giraph, working with Hadoop. Golden Orb is another high-profile example of a graph-based project picking up steam.

    • SAP Hana

      SAP Hana is an in-memory analytics platform that includes an in-memory database and a suite of tools and software for creating analytical processes and moving data in and out, in the right formats.

    • Honorable mention: D3

      D3 doesn’t make the list quite yet, but it’s close, and worth mentioning for that reason.

  • HPE Vertica Analytics Platform – an analytical platform to quickly consume and analyze large dataset.Vertical