Conda and Miniconda installation and Install Error how to fix

Miniconda Installation

The following arguments are supported:

-b           run install in batch mode (without manual intervention),
             it is expected the license terms are agreed upon
-f           no error if install prefix already exists
-h           print this help message and exit
-p PREFIX    install prefix, defaults to /root/miniconda3, must not contain spaces.
-s           skip running pre/post-link/install scripts
-u           update an existing installation
-t           run package tests after installation (may install conda-build)

Miniconda install error with following:

Miniconda install linux -b asking [y/N]:

If you are getting the Miniconda install and getting [y/N] event it is in batch mode then there is something wrong with your .conda or .condarc directory. Delete the directory and it should start working

If you are still getting error check your machine’s memory. Conda will silently die if there is not enough memory for installation.