Chrome Remote Desktop Connection time out

Chrome is a good tool to access your remote desktop. There are two ways to connect to remote desktop with chrome.

1. Enable remote connection via “My Computers”

Configure your “host” computer

In the Chrome Remote Desktop page, the section “My Computers”, click on “enable remote connection” that will prompt you to create a password. You’ll need that password to connect to the desktop. This will update your access control in your computer.

Configure your “client” computer

In the same Chrome Remote Desktop page, in the section “My Computers”, you’ll see the computer you just added. Click on it, it will prompt for pass code. Enter the pass code that you have set in the “host” computer. Now you have full access to the computer.

Note: this is not desktop sharing.

2. Enable Desktop sharing

In the Chrome Remote Desktop, the Remote Assistance box has “Share” button. Click on it to share the desktop. It will show some numbers. In the client computer, click on the “Access” button and enter the number shown. Then you will see the desktop on the host computer.

For this you have to physically be in front of the computer or have something like VNC to view the desktop to do the above setup.