Application in Cloud e.g. AWS (Amazon AWS )- what does it mean?

Application in cloud has two important features.

  1. Hardware is abstracted from the user and it is somewhere in the globe. You do not have direct access to the hardware. The “Cloud” is making hardware ubiquitous just like electricity at home. You do not need to worry about starting a nuclear reactor or gas turbine when the plug-in a coffee machine or charge a electric car. Similarly, the computing resources are being supplied without having to worry about generating those electricity from some source.
  2. Software is the focus in building an application in “Cloud.” Even, OS is virtualized, that is, it is Software that acts like an operating system and abstracts away need to know or worry about hardware specifications. This is the basic software in Cloud. There are many software that are customized for “Cloud” deployment that is basically one click (turn key) solution so that you focus on solving business problem. An example of Software stack in cloud that is turn key solution is AWS CloudSearch. AWS CloudSearch, you can have it deployed and index a data in 5 minutes. Otherwise, you will need to download a search engine like Solr or Elastic Search, install it, then configure it, then only start indexing data.

These two major features of Cloud makes business application development really simple to the point that you focus on developing coffee machine rather than have to worry about generating the electricity. In such case, you focus on developing solution for business problems so that business is efficient and productive.


  • (Extensive Turn key solutions for enterprise and startups. Started to focus on business productivity software) – Allows a free developer access.
  • (Turn key solutions. Focus is on business productivity software. Started to have solutions for enterprise and startups.) – Allows a free developer access.
  • ( I find it difficult to navigate and find information on Microsoft cloud offerings.) – No developer access.
  • IBM Cloud (Mostly raw machine with few services) – No developer access.
  • HP Cloud (Mostly raw machine with few services) – No developer access.
  • Dell Cloud