Mac OS X Single user mode and Mounting USB drive

Single User mode

command + s

You can now go ahead and enter the two commands listed on the screen.

fsck –fy
mount –uw /

We need to know what the computer has called our drives and partitions.

ls –l /dev/disk*

We get some output which contains something like this:

/dev/disk0s1 <-- we know we are on this partition
/dev/disk1s2 <-- the file we want is here (we think)

Check the file system used by the drive we want to mount. In my example it is a Windows NTFS partition.

fstyp /dev/disk1s2

If the device was a HFS/HFS+ volume (Mac OS) then we would use this command:

mount –t hfs /dev/disk1s2 /drive2

We can unmount the device using this command (note spelling of “umount”):

umount /dev/disk1s2