Kubernetes useful commands

kubectl create -f app.yaml

kubectl describe pods
kubectl describe nodes
kubectl get deployments

kubectl logs <pod name>

kubectl get pv --sort-by=.spec.capacity.storage

# Mark my-node as unschedulable
kubectl cordon my-node

# Drain my-node in preparation for maintenance                                                
kubectl drain my-node                                                 

# Mark my-node as schedulable
kubectl uncordon my-node                                              

# Show metrics for a given node
kubectl top node my-node                                              

# Display addresses of the master and services
kubectl cluster-info                                                  

# Dump current cluster state to stdout
kubectl cluster-info dump                                             

# Dump current cluster state to /path/to/cluster-state
kubectl cluster-info dump --output-directory=/path/to/cluster-state   

#logging to the node
kubectl exec node-name -it -- /bin/bash