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Icon-Settings.png file should be a 29 x 29 pixel image.

Apple iApplication how to build and sell Primer

Apple Push Notification – Notes:

This is the sandbox  environment URL: gateway.sandbox.push.apple.com, port 2195

This is the production environment URL: gateway.push.apple.com, port 2195

Following documentation from Apples programming guide which indicates that the application shall register with APN every time, the app is launched. (Quite interesting)

An application should register every time it launches and give its provider the current token. It calls registerForRemoteNotificationTypes: to kick off the registration process. The parameter of this method takes a UIRemoteNotificationType bit mask that specifies the initial types of notifications that the application wishes to receive—for example, icon-badging and sounds, but not alert messages. Users can thereafter modify the enabled notification types in the Notifications preference of the Settings application, and you can retrieve the currently enabled notification types by calling the enabledRemoteNotificationTypes method. iPhone OS does not badge icons, display alert messages, or play alert sounds if any of these notifications types are not enabled, even if they are specified in the notification payload.

If registration is successful, APNs returns a device token to the device and iPhone OS passes the token to the application delegate in the application:didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken: method. The application should connect with its provider and pass it this token, encoded in binary format. If there is a problem in obtaining the token, iPhone OS informs the delegate by calling the application:didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError: method. The NSError object passed into this method clearly describes the cause of the error.

Icon Sizes and Setting Documentation Link

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