How to Reset Maintenance Light in Toyota Sienna 2012 Model

It is really annoying that whole “small” display just blacks out to “Maintenance Soon” message. The Dash board has message on it. This is one of the most awful HMI design I have seen. How can I see climate control information if I cannot even get to it without resetting?

I would like nominate and give the team and person so designed the message and flow, a DARWIN award.

This design does not help the driver, the owner and the servicer. It is distracting and not useful. It basically disable the major car function – climate control.

Take this case: If you are driving down the highway for a week long trip and you know that your next Oil change is in next 5K miles. Now suddenly this message pops up in the display. By the way, I am driving with 2 kids that require constant attention with their comfort in the car. That’s why I have climate control. Now I cannot see what setting the climate control is and have difficulty adjusting the climate in the care. Again, I just started my a week long road trip. Now WHAT?

Here is the quick way to reset your display.

  • Turn key to, “On”.
  • Change the odometer display to a trip A odometer.
  • Turn key to, “Off”.
  • Push and hold the trip odometer reset button.
  • While holding the reset button, turn key to, “On”. Continue holding the button and the climate control display will flash and shows if the reset is complete. Then release the trip odometer reset button