Macbook air does not boot – How to fix

Your macbook air decided not to boot that you just put it to sleep. There are many reasons for it. Have apple “Genius” told you that your beloved macbook air has water damage? Then continue reading.

If you have been using macbook air as your work horse and lugging it around wherever you go, then you are not alone. My AIR has given much such a use that I literally carry like my note pad. Sometimes, it is better to carry my AIR than my iPad as AIR is not much heavier than iPad and I can impress people with my demo in the AIR.

Ok back to the how to. I have been using my AIR non-stop. I put it my backpack with my lunch and what not. I use it in my kitchen table. So, it is going to have moisture on the motherboard. Better yet, if you spill water, milk, juice on your kitchen table, it will get into your AIR. Then, your AIR does not boot. Not only, it does not boot but also the power light on the connection does not light on. Now you take it to the Apple Genius. They take it inside their bar and in 10 min, they come back and say – hey it is water damaged and we cannot do anything but we can fix it for $750.

Now dilemma is fix it or get a new one. I suggest do not do either and bring you AIR a rest for few days. Keep it in warm dry place. Let it dry for a week or so. Now here is the interesting part. You get to be the Genius.

Buy a set of tools that can open the AIR. I spent 6 dollars on 2 sets of screw drivers to open the AIR. Next you need a hair drier and your kid’s paint brush (if you don’t have kids, get a paint brush).

Take out all the screws. There are two long ones and all others are short. Remember where the long ones came from. Now fun begins. Take the panel out. There is virtually nothings there. Most of the area is covered by battery and there is a strip with electronics.

Turn on your hair drier and give the electronics good drying. Then as you blast air, use your paint brush to get all the dirt out of the electronics.

What I found in mine was that there was layer of white stuff on soldering points. Those are due to condensation that changed to some kind of minerals. I believe when these stuff get enough deposited, your circuits are hosed. That’s why Genius want to replace it to fix the problem.

Beware, do not touch any electronics with your hand. Also, make sure that you are not electrified.

Once you cleaned, put back the cover. Now fun begins. Hook your power and have fun with you AIR.